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This is the type of data that you can get for your market 👇

Historical ADR and occupancy on Airbnb

For each city you select, you can see the Historical performance of all properties on Airbnb (ADR, Occupancy, etc). You can filter for the number of berdooms your property has and the zipcode to get more accurate data. 


This helps you make sense of what to expect from the market, its seasonality or identify investment opportunities. Use the filters above to answers questions such as:

  • How much did a 2 bedrooms make last year in September?
  • What are the exact dates of the high and low season?
  • Did I follow the market's pace last year? And what can I realistically aim for going forward?


    If you want to see the Historical Monthly Revenue and Monthly Occupancy  for your market/city, you can too! This will help you understand what's the real revenue you should expect from your properties. You'll see a report like this 👇

    Historical Monthly Revenue


    To get these type of dashboards for your city/market, go to the homepage and search for your city. 

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    How Much Can I Make on Airbnb?

    Whether you are a real estate investor diversifying your portfolio, or a property manager looking to drive more business, Transparent can help you find your next investment opportunity.

    Who am I directly competing with?

    You will see you the competitive landscape in your market, the major players, potential partners or future investment opportunities in your market

    Find opportunities to rentalize your property

    You will see what amenities you need to add in your property to improve your revenue. This means that if you add a parking space you could earn €872 more every year.

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